Ethnologie française  2010/2

Ethnologie française

2010/2 (Vol. 40)


doi 10.3917/ethn.102.0257

publisher P.U.F.

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Non-Feminist Women's Groups The Brahma Kumaris Movement

Page 257-265



Why is there no feminism after socialism in Poland ? I explore this issue through ethnographic fieldwork conducted among Polish converts from Catholicism to a feminized new religious movement. Reasons of conversion include dissatisfaction of gender relations. Instead of becoming feminists, the women are committed to strict ascetic discipline and the conversion totally reorganize their social relations. I focus on their agency and point out their (non-liberal) concepts of women's empowerment.


  • agency
  • gender
  • religious conversion
  • feminism
  • Poland

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Agnieszka Kościańska and Laurence Dyèvre "Les groupes de femmes non féministes", Ethnologie française 2/2010 (Vol. 40).
DOI  10.3917/ethn.102.0257.

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